Workshop Raspberry Pi, Part 1: Setup

Raspberry Pi - Part 1 Setup
On Saturday the 9:th of April there will be a Workshop about Raspberry Pi at Chalmers Robotics. There will be two separate workshops, the first will focus on setup of the Raspberry pi, and the second on integration, electronics and programming.

The workshop is free.

14:00 – Intro
15:00 – Install and Config (Workshop)
17:00 – Food
18:00 – Workflow (SSH, Shell, Terminalmultiplexer)
19:00 – Install Packages

Equipment that is required:
* Laptop
* Raspberry Pi
* Ethernet cable (to both laptop and RPi)
* SD-kort 4GB (minimum)
* Micro USB cable
* SD card reader (not required, you can borrow, but it may take some time)

There will be a few Raspberry Pi that you can borrow from Chalmers Robotics, but because the installation is personal it’s recommended that you bring your own.
Ethernet switches will be placed strategically around the locale.

Knowledge Requirements:
* Technical interest
* Terminal: Beginner

* At the dinner brake we will likely eat at one of the resturants around Gibraltargatan
* There’s also food, candy and soft drinks at Chalmers Robotics

Results from Robot-SM 2015

Thanks for a fantastic Robot-SM! We hope that you had as much fun as we did!

Results from Robot-SM 2015:

1:a Bender Omar (Omar Hatab)
2:a SensorConfusion SensorConfusion (Niklas Cooke)
3:e Abraxas Warthogs (Simon Wieslander, Armin Khudhair)
1:a Akir5 p1r (Petter Forsberg)
1:a Lilla Mispe (Mikael Spets) 14.23
2:a Shiroitatchi TMT-robots (Matias Sjögren, Teodor Andersson) 14.52
1:a Pink Panic Team Mispe (Mikael Spets, Andreas Tiberto)
2:a Disco Princess YRGO DISCO (Tom Lidengren, Marwan Chahade, Marko Kontio, Johanna Baecklund, Johan Söderberg, Oskar Rundgren, Simon Johansson)
3:e Bella Mispe (Mikael Spets)

Lecture: Electronics for beginners, part 1

Welcome to the lecture on basic electronics! Erik Sternå (member at CRF since aincient times) will hold a lecture on elektronics on a beginners level based on theory and own experiences. The thought is to discuss about the things you should learn at Chalmers, but is not taught. The lecture is aimed toward new members, but old members may also need to refresh their memory a little now and then. It’s recommended to check the article on Basic Electronics (in Swedish, but google translate does a pretty good job) on the wiki.

The first lecture will discuss more basic concepts, such as current/voltage and components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc). The second lecture is held the week after and will discuss how to apply the komponents in circuits.

We gather in CRFs workshop at 18.00 Wednesday 2014-10-08. After that, we go to a lecture room in the V-house (such as VM, whatever is free) or stay at CRF, depending on the number of attendants. The lecture is expected to take about an hour, depending on the number of questions.