Are you a frequent user of CRF? Or just dropping by casually? No matter what, we need you!

As you probably know, CRF is a non-profit organization. We thus need all help we can to keep our makerspace in good condition! On the 10th of February we will therefore arrange a fixing-day at CRF where we hope that as many members as possible can attend. It’s a perfect opportunity to play your part while also socializing with the other members!

We’ll gather at 1 p.m. and split into groups for the things that need to be done. Among others, there will be can recycling, classical cleaning and sorting/labeling of components as well as fixes in the workshop and 3d-printers. We go on until 7 p.m and during the afternoon there will be coffee, sandwiches and “fika” for everyone willing to help.

Do you have an idea or something that you think need to be done? Get in touch!

Check out the event on Facebook and we’ll see ya there!


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Chalmers Robotförening
Sven Hultins gata 8
412 58 Göteborg
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Chalmers Robotförening
Teknologgården 2
412 58 Göteborg

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