Board members

CRF:s board of directors 2018-2019

Fred Hedenberg
Responsibility: Chairman
Contact: fred.hedenberg(at)
Adam Suhren Gustafsson
Responsibility: Treasurer
Contact: adam.suhrengustafsson(at)
Samuel Berndtsson
Responsibility: Workshop (tools), 3D-printer and laser cutter
Contact: samuel.berndtsson(at)
Anton Berneving
Responsibility: IT and Network
Contact: anton.berneving(at)
André Idoffsson
Responsibility: Workshop (tools), 3D-printer and laser cutter
Contact: andre.idoffsson(at)
Björn Lönnquist
Responsibility: Robot-SM
Contact: bjorn.lonnquist(at)
Johan Maté
Responsibility: Member projects, workshops and education
Contact: johan.mate(at)
Henrik Pettersson
Responsibility: The locale
Contact: henrik.pettersson(at)
Erik Tjärdahl
Responsibility: PR and Sponsoring
Contact: erik.tjardahl(at)