Slides from Basic Electronics part 1

After a successful lecture multiple people asked for the slides and here they are. Video will be uploaded later on youtube. Grundläggande elektronik 1 – english You are welcome back next Wednesday for part 2 of the lecture.

Lecture Basic Electronics

Would you like to learn more about electronics but don’t know were to start? Erik Sternå at Chalmers Robotics Society will hold two lectures on basic electronics, which will discuss the basics of electronics from a more practical perspective (as in what you...

Stockholm Robot Championship

Stockholm Robot Championship takes place Saturday the 8th November between 11-16. Location is the Technical Museum in Stockholm. The competition is arranged by KRIT and Stockholm Robotics. If you want to compete you can sign up on their website which is...

Introductionary meeting

Chalmers Robotics INTRODUCTORY MEETING 2014-09-25 18:00 V-house foyer Do you want to learn more about robotics and electronics? Do you want to use your theoretical knowledge in real life applications? Chalmers Robotics is the place for you! We are a student...

Live stream

Now the live stream for robot-sm is online Watch live video from RobotSM on


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