Wednesdays = Buildnights at Chalmers Robotics

On Wednesdays there’s always buildingnights. That means members of Chalmers Robotics meet up at the local to work on their projects. It’s also a golden opportunity to to visit Chalmers Robotics if you’re thinking of becoming a member yourself. Folks...

diy days on Saturday-Sunday (18-19th January)

diy days is arranged to inspire visitors, and support local and global creators. TEDx + Maker faire + Purposeful storytelling = diy days You are welcome to join us under diy days! We will attend under the event and show some projects that we’re currently working...

Indie- and maker-fika at Thursday

Hackers, makers och gingerbread bakers! Indie devs and other! It’s time for a meetup (Indie & Makerfika) at Chalmers Robotics! We meet at Chalmers Robotics and will continue to form our network between makerspaces in Göteborg. Welcome! When: Thursday...


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Chalmers Robotförening
Sven Hultins gata 8
412 58 Göteborg
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Chalmers Robotförening
Teknologgården 2
412 58 Göteborg