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How do I become a member?

For students at Chalmers:

Step 1a: Fill out the membership form and pay the membership fee. You will immediately be sent an email that confirms we have received your application. You are a member from when you have paid the fee and submitted the form, and we will request access for you from the Student Union.

For non-students:

Step 1b: Fill out the membership form. You will be placed in the queue to join CRF. When we have at least 50% Chalmers students at CRF, we will send a mail to the first person in the queue asking them to pay the membership fee. After we have verified your payment, you will be added as a member. If you recruit a Chalmers student to CRF, you will be able to join directly.

Psst! The membership fee is 100 SEK, and membership is valid for the current school year (July 1 – June 30)

Step 2: After we have confirmed that you have paid your membership fee these thing happen:

  • You will be granted membership access on our Discord server to our members-only channels (allowing you to post and join voice channels).
  • If you are a Chalmers student you will receive access to the workshop through your Union Card.
  • If you have never been at CRF before, come by on one of our builder nights and we will show you around


För generella ärenden: info@chalmersrobotics.se



För information om personuppgifter se Om eller läs direkt här. (Management of personal data)


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