Cleanup of project storage

The board wants to remind everyone that we have entered a new membership year and it is therefore time to one way or another take care of your projects.

Monday 2018-10-01 all projects, components and material still left in CRF:s premises pass on to the organization unless they are clearly marked with name, contact information and date. There will be labels for this purpose next to the safe in the inner room.

This measure is to make room for new and active projects.

Important notice to our members!

Hello our dear members!

We on the board would like to inform you all in advance that there will be a recording taking place down at CRF on Tuesday the 4th of september.

Unfortunately this means the member areas will be unavailable this date until about 15:00 for anyone who is not involved in the recording with reservation for some tools and work areas being prioritized until 21:00 in the evening/night.

This recording is in cooperation with the YouTube channel IJustWantToBeCool and Blizzard for the new Hearthstone expansion where CRF have been given the fun mission of manufacturing some robots that will be in the video!

CRF has a new online merch shop!

We on the board are proud to announce that we have published a new project we’ve been working on. We now have a webshop where you can buy CRF branded clothes, caps with BÖP text and even a stunningly good looking CRF coffee mug!

And if that wasn’t enough we also have a 15% grand opening discount on everything!

Click the shop on the menu above and check out what we offer today, with more planned for the future!


Today, 23/8, from 13:15 to 17:30 there will be a large number of people down at CRF for Chalmers reception so we heavily advice our member to wait coming down until after 17:30.