Workshop Raspberry Pi, Part 1: Setup

On Saturday the 9:th of April there will be a Workshop about Raspberry Pi at Chalmers Robotics. There will be two separate workshops, the first will focus on setup of the Raspberry pi, and the second on integration, electronics and programming. The workshop is free....

Easter egg hunt

The Easter bunny has visited CRF! If you find an Easter egg filled with candy, it’s yours to keep 🙂

Results from Robot-SM 2015

Thanks for a fantastic Robot-SM! We hope that you had as much fun as we did! Results from Robot-SM 2015: Minisumo 1:a Bender Omar (Omar Hatab) 2:a SensorConfusion SensorConfusion (Niklas Cooke) 3:e Abraxas Warthogs (Simon Wieslander, Armin Khudhair) Microsumo 1:a...

Visited by Slashat

Chalmers Robotics got visited by the podcast Slashat, they laser engraved their Mac Mini that is used under their broadcasts.


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