Lecture! Basic electronics – Continuation

CRF föreläsning - Grundläggande Elektronik 2_2013-10-16_web

On Wednesday will the continue the lecture of basic electronics, the lecture will build further on previous lecture.

Lecture 2 of 2 will be about how you apply the knowledge you obtained from lecture 1. Ther should be no problem to attend at this lecture if you missed out the first one.

The lecture starts 19:00 and will go on about an hour. So be at Chalmers Robotics locale if you want to learn more about basic electronics!

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Lecture! Basic electronics

Here’s a little reminder for those of you who don’t check the CRF calender (which you should!) about the lecture of basic electronics. Two wednesdays in row (9:th and 16:th October), Sternå will hold lectures about concepts in basic electronics, components and application aimed at beginners (even if you’re not a beginner, this might be good for you). The first lecture will focus mainly on basic concepts (such as voltage/current and ohms law) and the basic components and their properties. The second lecture will focus about different electrical circuits and applications and how to choose the component with the correct parameters. Common for these lectures is that the main focus will be on applicable knowledge. No Thevenin equivalents or theoretical current sources here!

The lectures start at 19 and will be about 1 hour long. So, come to the workshop in case you would like to learn about basic electronics with a focus on applications.

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The lecture will most likely be held in Swedish (at least the slides are going to be in Swedish). If there is enough demand, the lecture can be held in English.

Chalmers Robotics are going to attend at Compile GBG 3:rd oct 18:00

18:00 the 3:rd of october will Chalmers Robotics hold a lecture at Compile (Frilagret, Järntorget).

Compile are a free and open forum for developers and computerhobbyists, anyone could hold a lecture about pretty much anything, as long as the crowd don’t gets bored.

The theme at Compile is automation, and Compile have invited 3 speakers from GBG Hackerspace, Chalmers Robotics and European robot week.

You are welcome to attend!