Kodar-Lan – Theme: Text and Editors the 30th November 15:00

Kodar-lan - Text och Editorer

It’s time for Kodar-lan again! We will focus on text-managment and text-editors.
We will mainly hold lectures and introductions and after that finish of with some practical editing lead by supervisors.

The following subjects will be handled:
* Texteditor Demo – Notepad++ (Tim Gremalm)
* Character-encoding UTF-8 (Tim Gremalm)
* Texteditor Demo – Sublime text (Jens Åkerlund)
* Regular expression – Powerful search-syntax (Tim Gremalm, and Who?)
* Online Texteditor Demo – collabedit.com (Oskar Pålsgård)
* Texteditor Demo – VI/VIM (Tim Gremalm)
* Texteditor Demo – Emacs (Christian Von Schultz)
* Texteditor Demo – Phpstorm (Eric Wallmander)
* Validateing with filter-inputs VS Regex using PHP (Eric Wallmander)

Equipment you should bring:
* Laptop
* Network cable (~2m)

Requirements in terms of knowledge:
* Programming: Newbie
* Terminal: Newbie
* English: Good

Facebook-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/209198985919424/

Date: 2013-11-30
Time: 15:00
Chalmers Robotförening, Sven Hultins gata 8, Göteborg

Chalmers robotics holds open house at euRobotics Week (2013-11-25 – 2013-12-01)

eu Robotics

It’s soon euRobotics Week! It’s an event where Europe shows different kinds of robotic related projects to the general public.

The event will run the last week of November (25:th November till 1:st December).

Different events are listed at euRobotics Week website.

Chalmers Robotics will hold open house from Wednesday to Friday (27-29 November) from 18’clock.

We will show how a robotics workshop looks like and some robots that are built here.

Chalmers Robotics at Frilagret 2013-11-14

Frilagret (http://frilagret.se/) is a cultural initiative from Göteborg stad, they focus on people between 13-30 years old. Frilagret have a broad approach to culture. They can provide rooms and equipment if it’s need for projects/events. For example Compile GBG have been hold there, and also Automat – a arcade-machine/gaming-exhibition.
Charlotte, from Frilagret, visited Chalmers Robotics and got introduced to what we do. They have a goal to get more Hacker-/Maker-/Tinker – culture in to Frilagret. She invites us and other hackerspaces around in Göteborg to a meeting where we will discuss Frilagret and possible events in the future.

This is a golden opportunity to explore other makerspaces in Göteborg!

Thursday the 14th November, drop in from 18:00, introductions starts kl 19:00.
Facebookevent http://www.facebook.com/events/577329769001050/

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