CRF has a new online merch shop!

We on the board are proud to announce that we have published a new project we’ve been working on. We now have a webshop where you can buy CRF branded clothes, caps with BÖP text and even a stunningly good looking CRF coffee mug!

And if that wasn’t enough we also have a 15% grand opening discount on everything!

Click the shop on the menu above and check out what we offer today, with more planned for the future!


Today, 23/8, from 13:15 to 17:30 there will be a large number of people down at CRF for Chalmers reception so we heavily advice our member to wait coming down until after 17:30.

CRF + Card = True

We have new added the possibility to pay for snacks, components, filament and even membership* with card down in the premises!

The system is currently under evaluation and we are happy to receive feedback about what you think works and what can be improved.

We have also added a scale next to the system to make it easier to know how much to pay for the filament used while 3D-printing so you no longer need to guess or trust your slicer to be correct.

*In order to pay for membership a board member needs to be present.

Meet the new board at CRF!

After having completed their first teambuilding event with roaring success the board at CRF are feeling super motivated to make it the best maker space it can be!

Shown in the picture is Adam Suhren Gustafsson​, Andre’ Idoffsson​, Henrik Pettersson​, Johan Maté​, Björn Lönnquist​, Fred Hedenberg​, Erik Tjärdahl​, Anton Berneving​ och Samuel Berndtsson​.