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Annual Meeting

Sunday June 30 at 3 pm it is time for the annual meeting at CRF. All members are invited and encouraged to participate. As usual, there will be pizza available for all participants, but this year we’re also giving away a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit to one lucky member!

The current board has made a budget proposal for next year’s board. There is a dedicated budget meeting is scheduled to be held in September, and the draft budget is intended to be used as a guideline until then. The board has not received any proposals before the meeting, but has made two motions that will be dealt with, where one of them intends, among other things, to amend the statutes. The meeting documents have been sent via e-mail to all members.

In connection with the annual meeting, next year’s board will also be elected. That’s something you don’t want to miss, see you there!

//CRF Board 18/19

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Latest news

Registration for Robot-SM

Registration for this year's edition of Robot-SM is now open and ready for submissions! You'll find it here. Don't forget to check out for more information!

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Fixing-day on February 10th

Are you a frequent user of CRF? Or just dropping by casually? No matter what, we need you! As you probably know, CRF is a non-profit organization. We thus need all help we can to keep our makerspace in good condition! On the 10th of February we will therefore arrange...

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Snackbar and fridge have been refilled!

The snacksbar and fridge have been refilled with candy and soda! In the freezer you can also find more satiating food if you forgot your lunchbox at home. The prices have also been clarified in the terminal at the side of the snacksbar.

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What is Chalmers Robotics?

Chalmers Robotics (CRF) is a member-driven makerspace with the purpose of promoting interest and knowledge for robots. The association was founded in 2004 and has since inspired many members to various projects. Each year, CRF organizes Robot-SM, a competition where robots compete in disciplines such as line following, folkrace and sumo.

What can I do at Chalmers Robotics?


We provide a wide range of components at low cost. Here you will find everything from Arduinos and ESP8266 to relays and laser modules.


We have a lot of different tools available! Soldering stations, screwdrivers, glue guns, multimeters, computers and much much more!



We have 3D printers, laser cutter, band saws, CNC mill, drills and much more!


CRF has many members that are willing to share their knowledge of just about anything related to making. Visit us on a building night and have a chat 😉 (We also have snacks for sale!)

I'm convinced, how do I become a member?

It’s very easy! Start by visiting us when someone from the board is there (preferably on Wednesdays when there is a building night). Once here, we will help you fill out our membership form. Membership costs 100 SEK per year and can be paid in cash, by card or via Swish. The membership is valid for one academic year, from the time you paid until the start of the next academic year (ie early September). Please note that there is no requirement of being a Chalmers student to become a member!


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