How do I become a member at CRF?

How do I know if there is anyone at CRF?

As a member you get access to the member page. There you can see pictures from our webcams that are mounted in the room. The password is located next to the cash register system.

What is a build night?

During the build nights we meet to build and hang out together. That is also the most appropriate time to register as a member because there is always someone from the board there! The build nights are held every Wednesday between 18 and 21 The build nights are cancelled until further notice due to the pandemic. During that time, no access card is needed to get into the room, welcome!

I hear the word BÖP everywhere, what does that really mean?

The word BÖP is used widely on CRF. It is a word for describing the weird, complicated, and sometimes erratic, badly-built things we construct. On our Wiki you can read more about its origin. (In Swedish)

I'm not a student at Chalmers, can I build anyway?

Of course! At CRF, everyone is welcome, even those who do not study at Chalmers. As a non-chalmerist, however, you do not get access to the premises because the access is registered on the student card. However, this is usually not a problem as the room is rarely completely empty, just knock on the window and someone will most surely open for you!

I miss a component or tool!

I heard that CRF has a Slack workspace, is that right?

Do you need training to use the workshop?

A brief introduction is needed to use the column drill and the band saw. Ask someone on the board to help you!

For the 3D printers and the laser cutter, one must have a simpler training (usually ~ 1.5h) to be allowed to use them. Information about the training opportunities is primarily pubslished in our Slack workspace.



För generella ärenden: info@chalmersrobotics.se



För information om personuppgifter se Om eller läs direkt här. (Management of personal data)


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