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To quickly get started with robotmaking Chalmers Robotics are offering the following starter-kits.
The kits are developed for easy assembling and to quickly get started with programming.

Bild Description Stock-status Price
IntroARM introARM
IntroARM is a project developed by Chalmers Robotics, built to give a quick introduction into the robotworld.
The kit comes half premade with the processor and motorcontroller already soldered. The PCB uses surface mounted components.
The kit includes:

  • ARM-prcessor STM32
  • IR-sensors
  • Micrometal motor and gearbox
  • Wheel with encoder
11st 775 SEK

IntroARMLight introARM Light
Is the sam kit as introARM , but without motor or gearbox.
The kit includes:

  • ARM-prcessor STM32
  • IR-sensors
0st 420 SEK

Introkit09 Introbot09
Introbot09 is an older project developed by Chalmers Robotics. The kit is designed for beginners in robotics and uses through-hole components.
The kit includes:

  • 8-bit Atmega 168-processor
  • IR-sensors
  • Motor and gearbox from Tamiya
0st 465 SEK

Introkit09Light Introbot09 Light
A kit just like Introbot09, but without sensors, motor or gearbox.
The kit includes:

  • 8-bitars Atmega 168-processor
0st 160 SEK



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Bild Description
PolycarbonateAluminumMaterial CRF har diverse material, prislista hittar du under https://chalmersrobotics.se/wiki/K%C3%B6pa_material.Vid köp; specifiera det köpta materialet, antalet och kostnad i fritextfältet.