Chalmers Modular Build

Curious about the origins of computers and Modular synthesisers? Join Chalmers Robotförening (CRF) and Christoffer Berg in exploring how to build a Modular Synthesizer.

Christoffer Berg is a music producer, artist and maker who has worked with artists like the Knife, Fever Ray and Depeche Mode, as well as collaborating with brands such as Teenage Engineering, Moog, Elektron etc.


You will be guided in how to

  • build a modular power supply
  • Laser cut panels and cases
  • 3D print custom knobs and details
  • Design and modify classic circuits
  • Solder functions on protoboard
  • Scavenge super quality parts from electronic trash
  • Make cables
  • Make cool noises and sounds
  • Learn about and hear electronic music


Biweekly Mondays (uneven weeks) 18-21 at Chalmers Robotförening
Starting January 16th


¡No previous knowledge required!
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