IntroARM in stock

IntroARM v3 is now in stock. Come to the workshop to get your kit and get started with building robots. The supply is limited, so hurry up! For those of you who have already ordered, please contact us and remind us. You can find more information on IntroARM at...

Lecture: Electronics for beginners, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the lecture on Electronics for beginners by and with Erik Sternå. This part will discuss how to apply the components we discussed last week in circuits and create the functions you want. We gather in CRFs workshop at 18.00 Wednesday...

Lecture: Electronics for beginners, part 1

Welcome to the lecture on basic electronics! Erik Sternå (member at CRF since aincient times) will hold a lecture on elektronics on a beginners level based on theory and own experiences. The thought is to discuss about the things you should learn at Chalmers, but is...

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Restructuring the workshop Chalmers Robotics Society is rebuilding/restructuring the workshop during the summer. It will therefore be hard to work as normal in the workshop during the coming weeks (if you been there recently, you’ve probably noticed). We have...

Lecture! Basic electronics

Here’s a little reminder for those of you who don’t check the CRF calender (which you should!) about the lecture of basic electronics. Two wednesdays in row (9:th and 16:th October), Sternå will hold lectures about concepts in basic electronics, components...


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