Results from Robot-SM 2015

Thanks for a fantastic Robot-SM! We hope that you had as much fun as we did! Results from Robot-SM 2015: Minisumo 1:a Bender Omar (Omar Hatab) 2:a SensorConfusion SensorConfusion (Niklas Cooke) 3:e Abraxas Warthogs (Simon Wieslander, Armin Khudhair) Microsumo 1:a...

Robot-SM 2014 results

Thanks to all participants, volunteers and sponsors! Results from Robot-SM 2014: Minisumo 1:a Enova 2:a [SRF-KRIT]Malin 3:e Grisen 4:e Jänû Siers 夢 5:e Golvspawn Linefollowing 1:a Splinter and Rinzlotron 17.38 2:a Lilla 29.51 3:e Zimba 33.41 Folkrace 1:a iBaraPlast...

Decisions from Robot-SM meeting 2013-09-14

The 14:th of September we held a meeting for Swedish Robot Championship (Robot-SM), shortly this is what we decided. The Event Who? – No manager for Robot-SM is appointed yet. If you want to get involved, please contact Where? – The...

Robot-SM 2013 Podium

Minisumo Folkrace Linjeföljning 1. [KRIT]Hulk 1. [KRIT]tumbler 1. Sinuswave 2. [KRIT]Malin 2. Bella 2. Linjemaskin 3. [KRIT]A 3. [KRIT]iBaraPlast 3. Chaskibot


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